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My Second Thru Hike - The Kek

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The Kekekabic is the shortest of my thru-hikes thus far, coming in at 42 miles. It is also the hardest trail that I've done. It also runs into the Boundary Waters just like the BRT. This trail experiences a fair amount natural moulding. Meaning that from fires to ripping Noreaster winds, the trail can become covered and disappear overnight.

If you are interested in this trail, I highly recommend dabbling in a little bit of compass work and map reading. The trail is marked by small surveyor flags (some are only an inch long) of all different colors. The trail changes from year to year, so my experience could be different than yours!

No matter how difficult the trek was, it was worth it. I remember it being quite wet for most of the hike. It took us about 4 days to get through. The terrain was thick and beautiful since we went in the fall.

Photo time!

I cajoled my mom in driving me to both ends of the trail one night (one to drop off my Jeep and the other to start hiking) . We ended up starting to hike after 9 pm and slept a little over a mile on the trail.


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