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Sponsor a Dog

Sponsor a Race Dog: $300
Sponsor a Yearling: $150

Yearlings will most likely not run Iditarod, they are just turning 1! But they are crucial to the future of the kennel. 


You can also sponsor a specific dog by sending us a message here. We will send you monthly updates on whichever dog you decide to sponsor! 

Cute Pup Excited to Run.jpg

Buy Booties

We use over 5,000 booties each race season. Every time the team heads out on a run, booties are crucial for foot protection to keep the dogs running hundreds of miles. 

  • 1 bootie (one paw) $2.50

  • 4 booties (one dog): $10.00

  • 64 booties (1 training run): $160

  • 256 booties (1 mid-distance race race): $640

  • 1280 booties (1 Iditarod): $3200 


We are hoping to outfit the team with new wears! 

A good-fitting harness is like finding the perfect pair of running shoes. The dogs live in them during a whole race. It distributes a dog's power into the team and the sled. Support happy pulling by donating here!

Sponsor a Flight

 One dog: $125

Once the team arrives in Nome, they take a rest day and then fly home. We fly all of our dogs via cargo with the sled and other gear. Sponsor a flight home for one of the pups!

Food Support

We feed our dogs a mix of beef, high-quality kibble, fat, and supplements. We focus on their intake just like any human athlete. Sponsor a few meals for happy healthy bellies! 

Emily On Trail Dog Food Graphic.png
  • 17 lbs (one meal) $35

  • 50 lbs (one bag) $70

  • 250 lbs (one week) $350

  • 1000 lbs (one month) $1750

Emily On Trail Dog Food Graphic.png
  • 20 lbs (one meal) $20

  • 40 lbs (one day) $40

  • 280 lbs (one week) $280

  • 1,120 lbs (one month) $1,120

Sponsor My Entry Fee

Adventures are never free, but are often worth it! Get us to the starting line and sponsor the entry fee! 

  • Lead Dog Sponsor: $4,000

  • Swing Dog Sponsor: $2,000

  • Wheel Dog Sponsor: $1,000

  • Team Dog Sponsor: $500

Sponsor a Checkpoint

Checkpoints are the backbone of a good race. Each village opens up its streets and buildings to welcome in sleepy mushers. At the checkpoints are veterinarians, race officials, and warm buildings to nap in. The 2025 race takes the southern route through the historic Village of Iditarod. Sponsor a spot for the team to rest and recoup! Click a pawprint on the map below to learn about each checkpoint!

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