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We're training to race the Iditarod!

The Iditarod is a 1000-mile race in Alaska, covering rough and beautiful terrain. It takes mushers and their dog teams from Anchorage to Nome. The race is a tribute to Alaska's history, with its roots as a mail and supply route and its role in a life-saving mission during a diphtheria epidemic.

Meet the Dogs

Find out more about our successful team of dogs!
Iditarod Map

Sponsor a Checkpoint

Checkpoints are the backbone of a good race. Each village opens up its streets and buildings to welcome in sleepy mushers. At the checkpoints are veterinarians, race officials, and warm buildings to nap in. The 2025 race takes the southern route through the historic Village of Iditarod. Sponsor a spot for the team to rest and recoup! 


I want to hear about the best trails and parks around the country! Diggins and I will visit, hike, sleep out, and live in all the places we can. We hope to bring a voice to some of the hidden spaces in the US so that more folks can access and enjoy them. 

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Anyone can hike and everyone deserves to discover the outdoors—regardless of race, gender identity, or upbringing, I want to continue to seek adventure and represent the underrepresented in outdoor spaces. 

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